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Why ?

With Metaplex's new pNFT standard, MagicEden's OCP, Cardinal's Token Manager creators now have plenty of options when it comes to enforcing royalties.

But all this solutions come with caveats and restrictions that go against the ownership principle of web3. Project owners need to manage rulesets that can get complex pretty fast and require constant updating.

This is why we've created the outsanding royalty payment platform so that projects can recover their lost revenue stream.

How ?

By leveraging the realtime data collected by Scalp Empire, we are able to look at the last marketplace transaction of an NFT and determine if that transaction had their royalties paid or not.

If the current owner of that NFT decides to pay their royalties, we store this information linked to the marketplace sale.

Developers can integrate for free with our API and use the royalty payment status information to decide if a user can access their platform or not.

Discord bots can also use our API to decide when asign or remove specific roles.